Esther's heart is to help people encounter God to find healing, identity, freedom, and purpose!

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Esther's heart is to help people encounter God to find healing, identity, freedom, and purpose!

Esther Neal has been a great blessing to us at the Vineyard. When she leads worship for the whole church or in a smaller group or outreach program, the Spirit and the peace of God fill the room. We consider her ministry of worship very precious to the whole body of Christ. I can vouch for her sweetness of nature, her purity of motive and her humility before Jesus.


Carol Wimber (Co-founder of The Vineyard Church Movement)

What's happening now in Esthers life:

"I am currently leading the worship community at Celebration Church in San Juan Capistrano. This is a place of freedom, presence, healing, love, with a heart for revival. We have a calling to help others come into freedom, identity and purpose. To help empower them to be all God has created them to be, releasing God's glory wherever they go or serve! 


My daughter is 8 years old and beautiful in every way! My husband Rich carries the Fathers heart and releases His love to others everywhere he goes. Numerous people have encountered Gods presence, love, healing, and hope, when my husband has ministered to them. He has a true Pastor and Evangelistic calling and heart."""""


I connected with a couple who shared a powerful testimony of healing with me. The man told me that they were at the Church I lead Worship at and he was totally lukewarm in his faith and their marriage was basically over. As I lead Worship he had such an encounter with God that he was completely changed in that moment! He was so captured by God during Worship that he was filled with passion for relationship with God and with his wife! His marriage was healed and he is living totally different now for the Lord and God's purposes! Wow! One Encounter with God changes everything! Thank You Lord for allowing me to be a vessel for Your glory!