My heart is to see people set free, healed, restored, brought into true identity, and empowered through God’s love and presence! I long for this because God has given so much grace and healing in my own life. I know one encounter with God changes everything, so I ask and believe for God’s presence to come as I Worship Him! I desire to Worship God with all my heart and to release His heart to others as He reveals through His Holy Spirit! I have seen God move in many different ways and I pray He would be pleased with my life and offering, and He would be honored and glorified above all else! 

What's happening now in my life:

I am currently pastoring the worship community at Celebration Church OC in San Juan Capistrano. This is a place of freedom, presence, healing, love, with a heart for revival.

I am also songwriting and recording new music! I am collaborating with other artists and songwriters as well. 
I wrote a chapter on living a prayerful life for a Women's Bible study "12 Characteristics of A Godly Woman". It has been blessing many women in their journey! 

My husband Rich carries the Fathers heart and releases His love to others everywhere he goes. Numerous people have encountered Gods presence, love, healing, and hope, when my husband has ministered to them. He is a Pastor and Evangelist.

We have a beautiful daughter who is very gifted in music, compassion, and leadership!

We started a ministry called Freedom Tents! 

Freedom Tents Vision

Esther's  heart for freedom tents is to create spaces outside the church walls to invite people to experience the presence, power, and love of God in their own lives. As we  worship, honor, and declare God passionately, people will encounter His healing, salvation, and deliverance for themselves! 


Several  years  ago I was asked the question, “what would you do if you couldn’t fail?“ I immediately answered, “I would have tents revivals, where people encounter God and receive healing, salvation, and deliverance!” 

God has said “Now is the time”! So I am giving God my YES, along with my family, to start taking Freedom Tents out to the people! 
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You can read about part of my life's jouney below.

Faith as a Child:

I have vivid memories from the first six years of my life where I lived mostly in South America with my parents as missionaries. I remember sitting in on prayer meetings for hours with my parents and other adults and not wanting to play with the other kids...I remember looking out of our window from a few stories up and seeing mud filled streets and armed guards walking around. I remember walking along a stoney path with a deep conviction that I needed to find my mother right then to pray with me to ask Jesus in my heart; I was three years old. Soon after, my mother describes an event where there were children singing and dancing and I ran onto stage and basically stole the show. This was shocking to her because I was such a shy little girl, always hiding behind her, and never showing an interest in singing or dancing. I truly believe these were gifts from God given when I asked Him into my little faith filled heart. I soon began touring around with that kids group, singing about Jesus in Spanish everywhere from hospitals to heads of state. We came back to the states a little while after my brother was born, who was a miracle I had prayed on my mothers belly for. I grew up knowing Jesus was in my heart and praying for His angels to protect and surround me in nighttime prayers, but did not grow deeper in my knowledge and understanding since my parents could not relate to the “American-ized” church. So my path to use the gifts God had given me were directed to a secular focus with a spiritual longing. I sang in bands in Hollywood as a teenager and lead cover bands in the bay area in my early 20’s. I had a couple opportunities with producers and labels but God would give me such a sense of personal spiritual danger in pursuing those things. 


At 26 I was so empty from trying to fill my life with the things the world said would make me happy and being the person I thought I was supposed to be. So I finally surrendered completely to God! I wanted to live His way and find out who He says I am. I told the Lord I would not sing again unless he wanted me to. Thus began my journey of Worship and discovering who I was called to be as God’s worshiper. He would indeed call me to sing again and He would place people around me that had a deep desire for Spirit and Truth Worship and a lifestyle of intercession. I was given grace to grow in knowledge, understanding, and the ability to lead others in Worship. God opened the door for me to attend the first year of Calvary’s School of Worship, where I was able to completely give myself to the study of the word and theology, music theory, and many spiritual and practical applications for leadership and Worship leading. This lead to me holding two Pastoral Worship Leader positions for 6 years. I was able to grow in loving and serving the entire body placed in my stewardship and encourage their personal growth in Worship and understanding of God’s presence in Worship.

Healing & Revelation:

All along my journey with the Lord and in Worship, He has set me on a path of healing for myself and for others. 

He miraculously set me free from the fear of His rejection through an encounter of deliverance and Him allowing me to hear “He would never let me go!” I also felt Jesus washing my feet; it was profound and one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. God also set me free of guilt and shame and led me to self forgiveness through a powerful vision of how He sees me! The song “You Delight In Me” came directly and miraculously out of that healing encounter. God has allowed me to sing His heart through this song over many people and He has set them free as well.

Later He would send me to Celebrate Recovery to lead Worship and walked me through a process of healing and forgiveness, as well as allowing others to love and accept me even while knowing my brokenness. I loved being where people were real and understood their need for God! God taught me another part of how He can heal.

My husband and I have sadly lost two children through miscarriage, which was so devastating. In 2012 when we were in the emergency room and going through so much pain emotionally and physically, God spoke! He said “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.” Proverbs 3:5-6. He also spoke that I was to allow myself to go through the mourning of this child properly. The last time we lost a child I was filled with fear for so long and was not able to heal. This time I allowed myself to feel and work through my sorrow with the Lord. He allowed me to write a song called “Trust In The Lord” to minister to others walking through pain, loss, fear, and disappointment. 

Both times I lost a child, the Lord had me lead others in Worship shortly after, because He spoke that I would receive healing as I “acknowledged” (Worshiped) Him! He also released His presence in a vey profound way in those times! 

Since 2012 God has been teaching me to live out this verse! To truly TRUST HIM!!! Easy to say, but has taken much surrender and confronting of fears! Also to “not lean on my own understanding”. This has been a deeper time of obedience and laying down my pride and expectations. “To acknowledge Him” choose to Worship Him despite my feelings or circumstances. “He will direct my path”...Living out God’s purposes for my life and not my own. I believe God is walking His whole “Bride” through this as well. He is making His Bride ready!

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